How excited was this girl when she found out she was going to get to hang out with the Mantei’s???  Umm, pretty darn excited 🙂  The last time I saw Kristy and her crew they were only a crew of 4… now they are a fabulous family of five!!  🙂  Mother Nature finally cooperated and we were able to have our session, and boy did we have a great night!!  It was a beautiful evening, a perfect night for an ice cream party, actually!!  I will tell you that these kiddies earned that party and then some.  They were SO great, and just a LITTLE obsessed with their new little brother.  I mean who wouldn’t be???   Oh…I almost forgot!  If you haven’t already, head on over to Kristy’s business page: and “like” away, peeps!  Those are some seriously fabulous Kakes!!!  OK, enough of my jibber jabber… let’s get on with the images!!  Thanks for having me guys!!! I just <3 you!!!

xoxo Mantei Mantei Mantei Mantei Mantei Mantei Mantei